As part of in integral part of Lotus Sekuritas, its research division serves our institutional and retail brokerage clients with comprehensive research reports,  based on both fundamental and technical analysis, corporate actions and recent market and economic conditions.  Currently, our research team continuously produces three products which are Daily View, Technical Daily and Focus Research.  These products will give a daily guidance and investment tool for our clients in making their investment decisions.


- Daily View
This daily report contains data about regional indices, foreign exchange, commodities price, dual listing stock, economic data (inflation and BI rate), and corporate action (Pojok IPO and dividend distribution schedule). In addition, our Daily View report also provides an overview of daily market update and corporate news summary, in its Berita Emiten section.  The Daily View is distributed before the market opens daily to provide latest insight to the investors for their investment strategy for the day.

- Technical Daily
The Technical Daily report provides daily stock market review and stock recommendations based on technical analysis study.  By using charts, technical analysts seek to identify price patterns and market trends in the stock market and attempt to exploit those patterns to provide a guidance of the movement of the stock prices on a daily basis.

- Focus Research
Our company note, called Focus Research, is focused on fundamental analysis from publicly listed company in Indonesia Stock Exchange, in order to provide an investment?s suggestion to the investors as part of their investment decisions process.  This report is based independent assessment of the company?s financial and business performance, evaluation of its management, credit risk as well as corporate action and industry analysis.  Based on the above, the Focus Research will provide financial forecast, stock valuation to predict the stock?s target price.

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